martedì 30 dicembre 2014

Ideas outfit to New year's eve

oggi ho deciso di proporvi delle idee last minute per un brillante e meraviglioso outfit per il 31..
Outfit composti da me e presi da vari siti come,Sarenza, Topshop e molti altri..
Il mio??? Beh è una sorpresa....
Voi quale preferite?? Aspetto i vostri commenti
xxx Manuela

Today I decided to offer you the last minute ideas for a bright and wonderful outfits for 31 ..
Outfits made by me and taken from various sites as, Sarenza, Topshop and many others ..
My outfit??? It's a surprise ....
What do you prrefer ?? Waiting for your comments
xxx Manuela

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Shoshana ha detto...

I'm all prepared for NYE but who could use a gorgeous pair of what looks like leather trousers. Pair wit a crisp white tank.... so chic. Great post.
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