lunedì 31 dicembre 2012

The best of 2012

oggi parlerò dei migliori eventi del 2012 che sono successi  all'interno del campo della musica:
good morning,
today I will speak of the best events of the 2012 that  happened in the field of music:

The first march of the 2012 dies Lucio Dalla

15 July 2012 is published Gangnam Style, and December 21, 2012 the video is the first in history to be the most clicked

Adele at the Grammy Awards is the most awarded 5 statuettes (+ song + recording album of the year, best pop vocal performance and album)

nella moda:
in the moda:

Rihanna goes to an event dressed in a Marchesa dress flashy pink;

Dolce&Gabbana presented a new collection with as godmother: Monica Bellucci and Bianca Balti.
this new collection is ispirated at the old Italy south

ends gossip girl: the popular TV series inspired by the kids of the Upper East Side

 the riconfirmated of Barack Obama as President of the USA

infine, giusto 1 mese fa arrivo io con il mio blog: grazie mille ancora di tutto il calore che mi date.
io vi auguro di cuore un felice anno nuovo con la speranza di poter continuare  asognare ancora!

p.s Maya non avete capito nulla noi siamo ancora vivi!! ihihihih

finally just 1 month ago I'm coming with my blog: thank you very much again for all the love you gave me.
I sincerely hope you a happy new year with the hope of being able to continue to dream again!!

ps Maya have not understood anything we are still alive! ihihihih

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